An outdoor adventure vacation to the National Parks is a safe option during the coronavirus pandemic. This is because you’ll spend every minute in the great outdoors with plenty of fresh breezes and bright sunshine. We’ll guide you into the remote backcountry far away from the tourist crowds, and we can easily practice social distancing while kayaking on the open water. We also thoroughly sanitize the sleeping bags, tents, and all camping and kayaking equipment between every trip.


Right now, Everglades National Park is open and coronavirus-free. You can find complete vacation options with Florida Outdoor Adventures including; the best time to visit, detailed multi-day itineraries, paddle routes with daily distances, info on all the campsites, and much more! If the pandemic is still impacting air travel next winter, we offer FREE cancellation or reschedule of all reservations. Our office is open right now, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.