I am so glad I went on the tour. Thank you for helping me see the Everglades in such a special way. I would never have been able to pull off the logistics of kayaking alone. I keep thinking about the three camp sites. Each had something different to offer and I enjoyed every one. Your expertise, attention to detail, and companionship made the trip.

I really enjoyed our kayaking tour in the Everglades and I learned a lot. You are a paragon of an organization; very impressive! I posted a few photos of our trip on Facebook and three friends have already asked me for your contact info!

Thanks again for such a fantastic trip, our group really clicked. You’re all amazing explorers, keep up your journeys! And Dave; your positive approach and calm manner made that all possible, thank you! Also thanks for sharing all your knowledge of kayaking and of the Everglades. I was also very impressed as to how well organized and how smoothly the trip went. The food was excellent and the equipment was top notch. And of course, the afternoon happy hour took it over the top!

I just wanted to thank you again for a great Everglades trip this week. I really am impressed with your kayaking skills, your knowledge of the Everglades and your culinary skills. The meals were truly wonderful, I still can’t figure out how you pulled that off in all the sites we were at! Not to mention how patient you were with everyone. I also enjoyed meeting and traveling with the other folks on the trip. They were all really nice and it made for a very enjoyable week.

We sure did enjoy messing about in the kayaks following you to some of your special spots. We were so lucky to have the best and most fun guide of the Everglades. An amazing place. Time went by way too quick. All the best to your next paddling season.

Just wanted to thank you again and say what a great time I had on our trip last week. You did a wonderful job and cooked wonderful food! I love it down there and you will definitely see me again one day.

Clint and I had a great time. This was a fantastic way to see the Everglades. I loved spotting the orchid, seeing an alligator, watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico, observing the pelicans fish while the tide went down, kayaking across Ponce De Leon Bay, exploring the Wilderness Waterway, and of course eating Dave’s good cooking. Thanks for a great trip.

The things that made this trip the best were not just the sweet blue crab claws cracked on chickee with an IPA beer, or the laid back efficiency of our storytelling leader, or the alligators that we saw in the mangroves, or the really sweet new friends we made while learning the names of all the Everglade birds; but there was this immense sense of a different kind of wilderness, a marine wilderness with Gulf of Mexico sand and all that the ocean brings.

Thank you very much for a very well organized and interesting trip to Pavilion Key and the Everglades waterways. I enjoyed all of the campsites and the food was very good. The 10,000 Islands area is certainly is a different world from where we’ve boated before, and I am glad I was able to get a bit of a feel for the area on your trip.

Thanks Dave for a great trip! My husband and I are used to fending for ourselves on a kayak trip. What a luxury to be treated so elegantly! I would recommend this trip to anyone, even if they are not a seasoned camper or paddler. It would be a very low-stress, high-enjoyment way to learn the sport.