Took a stunning 8-day adventure with Dave K where we camped and kayaked from Flamingo to Everglades City. Dave is an excellent guide. I had a gorgeous single kayak; a sleek fiberglass Seaward single. Saw fabulous wildlife and scenery. I cannot rate either of these trips highly enough. It helps to be a fit paddler for the 8-day expedition. Dave has double kayaks as well.

Clint and I had a great time. This was a fantastic way to see the Everglades. I loved spotting the orchid, seeing an alligator, watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico, observing the pelicans fish while the tide went down, kayaking across Ponce De Leon Bay, exploring the Wilderness Waterway, and of course eating Dave’s good cooking. Thanks for a great trip.

The things that made this trip the best were not just the sweet blue crab claws cracked on chickee with an IPA beer, or the laid back efficiency of our storytelling leader, or the alligators that we saw in the mangroves, or the really sweet new friends we made while learning the names of all the Everglade birds; but there was this immense sense of a different kind of wilderness, a marine wilderness with Gulf of Mexico sand and all that the ocean brings.

Thank you very much for a very well organized and interesting trip to Pavilion Key and the Everglades waterways. I enjoyed all of the campsites and the food was very good. The 10,000 Islands area is certainly is a different world from where we’ve boated before, and I am glad I was able to get a bit of a feel for the area on your trip.

Thanks Dave for a great trip! My husband and I are used to fending for ourselves on a kayak trip. What a luxury to be treated so elegantly! I would recommend this trip to anyone, even if they are not a seasoned camper or paddler. It would be a very low-stress, high-enjoyment way to learn the sport.

We had a FANTASTIC time. Dave really seemed to know the needs of our family and adjusted the route each day to meet our needs. All in all it was a great trip, a true memory maker. We would greatly recommend him for any family that wants to explore the coastal Everglades without worrying about getting lost in the numerous islands that all look alike!

Finally getting around to posting some photos from my New Year’s kayak trip in the 10,000 Islands area of Everglades National Park. This was my third trip back since falling in love with the park 6 years ago. Did the trip with Dave K – a consummate professional guide who is fiercely protective of this unique paradise. I can’t recommend him enough.

My granddaughter, Margaret, and I had an adventure this spring. My expectation was for it to be a bonding and memory making adventure. We signed up for camping and sea kayaking in the Florida Everglades. It turned out to be more of a trip into myself than just a bonding adventure. I realized that I am stronger, both physically and mentally, than I thought. I also seem to have a high enjoyment gene, one that allows me to find almost everything, good or bad, to be something of value.
During the night while camping, I woke up to the gentle lapping of the gulf water on the sand. I was cold and had to pee. The facilities I knew consisted of a few unknown sparse shrubbery which was not the greatest thought at O-dark-thirty in the morning. I don’t want to go out there, out there is total black darkness, out there are possibly biting varmints. Sigh, but I know I have to go out there, I have to pee. Trying not to waken my sleeping granddaughter, I wiggled out of my warm dry sleeping bag, unzipped the now dew coated zipper of the tiny tent and crawled out on all fours into an unexpected incredibly vast universe. The air was heavy and salty sweet. There above and seemingly all around me was a stunningly different world from when I entered the tent for the night. I saw spread across the sky a smear of cream that I realized was the Milky Way and a, never before seen by me, panoramic twinkling universe above. I was stunned, I couldn’t move, didn’t want to move, just wanted to stand there forever but I still had to pee. I did the deed very quickly. Afterwards I sat on the damp sand just looking and appreciating this wonderful gift from God. All through mankind’s existence, this same awed and humble feeling must have been the response. How else can one explain such a marvelous gift?
Expectations are funny things. This trip even with the biting flies, no fresh water or cell signal was not a disappointment for me.

Just wanted to thank you again and say what a great time I had on our trip last week. You did a wonderful job and cooked wonderful food! I love it down there and you will definitely see me again one day. I have friends that just told me they are planning a trip and I will pass your name on to them. They would love a trip like yours, they are avid paddlers and love the outdoors as much as I do.
I also wanted to ask if you get any pictures back from the family we paddled with, could you send them on to me? The pics the guy took of our group at the end of the trip are blurry beyond recognition and I would love one of all of us. Also, the pic that Ken took of that bird was a yellow crown night heron. I looked it up when I got home and found an identical picture of what we saw. Pretty exciting for me who has never seen one! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the season.

We wanted to do a few days of kayaking and camping in the Everglades. It was something we had never experienced before and were eager to explore an area that is so close to us. We live in Miami and it was a 1 1/2 hour very easy drive. We were met at the ramp promptly at 9:00am by our guide Dave K. He explained what we needed to do to get ready (packing our stuff into water tight bags they provided), which we did and he assisted us loading it into the kayaks. Then, he instructed us on the operation of the kayaks, launched us from the marina and we were set to go. It is very easy to learn and he was incredibly kind and patient. Along the way, Dave would offer suggestions on paddling techniques. I was traveling with my husband and 2 adult kids. We stopped at a beach for lunch. Food was plentiful, delicious and easy to handle. Then 2 to 3 more hours of kayaking and we ended up on the beach which was to be our campsite for the next two nights. It is a beautiful beach, lots of shells and an incredible view of the sunset and sunrise. Dave was very helpful in getting our tents set up, since we didn’t know how to do it. We walked along the beach for a while, collected firewood and then to our surprise, we were offered stone crabs and beer. It doesn’t get much better. We had fried grouper for dinner, which was perfect. Our son is a vegetarian, and he was provided food that he could eat. There was more than enough to eat. Afterwards, we built a campfire and fell asleep quite early. The tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses were very comfortable. The next morning, ate a great breakfast and headed out to explore the terrain. We did lots of interesting kayaking, in tunnels and around beautiful islands. Dave was accommodating and wanted us to let him know what kinds of things we wanted to do and see. We had a great day out there. Again, another delicious meal with wine and early to bed. The last morning after a hearty breakfast, we packed up our stuff, and proceeded to head back to the visitor center. It was a leisurely paddle day since the current was with us. We stopped for a picnic lunch at a beach. Dave was talkative, engaging and helpful. Very kind and enjoyable to hang with. Then we arrived back at the ramp, unpacked our things, gave lots of hugs and headed home. It was a very memorable experience and I highly recommend it to our south Florida neighbors. It is a very easy and different getaway.