At Florida Outdoor Adventures, we live, sleep and breathe the outdoors. As a small team of nature and wildlife enthusiasts, we are passionate about kayaking the Everglades to explore one of the most dynamic and unique ecosystems in the world. On our fully outfitted and guided overnight sea kayak camping tours you’ll explore exotic habitats such as 10,000 Islands, Wilderness Waterway, the Gulf of Mexico, hidden mangrove tunnels and white sand beaches to name a few, and stargaze under the clear Florida sky in various campsites (chickees, shell mounds, beaches). As we venture off the beaten track you may spot a docile manatee lolling at the surface, kayak in the middle of frolicking dolphins, watch a shy sea turtle coming up for a breath and observe pelicans diving for their dinner at sunset. Our tours are all-inclusive and include the required national park camping permit and fees – no need to bring anything but yourself and a positive attitude!

Our work is our passion and we want to share it with you! Meet our expert and certified guides who will help you explore the beating heart of the everglades: