Why Choose This Tour:

The “Real” Everglades - Wander off the beaten path and fully experience the remote Everglades backcountry.

Up Close and Personal Wildlife -­ Kayak quietly and unobtrusively in the middle of feeding dolphins, float by gentle manatees, watch giant sea turtles swim by, and observe countless species of fish and bird.​

Guide Services -­ Don´t risk getting lost in a foreign landscape! Our certified Florida Master Naturalist will take you to lesser-known beauty and share fascinating natural history (if you wish) from the area.

Backcountry Permit -­ There is no need to worry about obtaining camping permits. We´ll spend the nights soaking up the sunset and stargazing on beautiful sandy beaches - just let us handle the details!

All Inclusive -­ Our tours are fully outfitted and guided. All kayak equipment, camping gear and food is included at no additional cost. Don’t waste your valuable vacation hauling tons of gear to Florida - we´ve got you covered.

Safety -­ The internet is full of stories about dangerous gators and venomous snakes lurking in the Everglades. We have never had a guest threatened by any wildlife. Please don’t let exaggerated fears or uninformed opinions stop you from coming!

​“Easy Active” Rating -­ This is our easiest tour and is suitable for beginning kayakers and families with children. No previous kayaking or camping experience is required. We paddle a maximum of six miles over about three hours each day.